2019 Teeth Whitening Cost


Teeth whitening is something that any person interested in their physical appearance will be considered. The cost to whiten teeth by a dental professional can be between $ 400 to $ 900 dollars per session. In most cases you will need more than one session. As with any choice of a cosmetic procedure, we value the cost of treatment is very subjective.

Depending on the locality where you live and the dental visit, the cost can vary significantly. Many dentists believe that the treatment in the office should continue with treatment at home to get the results most desired.In this case you must add the cost of this treatment at home the cost of treatment in the office. A treatment in a dental office that uses ” laser or some other “light” to activate the whitening process will be more expensive since the cost of this system to the dentist, resulting in a higher cost to the patient. There is no doubt that a system used tooth whitening a peroxide bleaching agent will give results . The level of “white” is obtained from a treatment in a clinic will be very similar to using a treatment with guards and peroxide gel, the difference will be the degree of whiteness but the time you spend in the tooth whitening. The result in the dentist’s office will immediately see. Many dental or treatments that are advertised on television, promoting their dental treatment as “a one hour” or “with a single treatment . ” It is true that with a treatment of one hour will be a change in the color of your teeth, but most likely not get the color you want. In dental journals have reported that the number of treatments for a patient to feel satisfied with the level of whiteness acquired in the dental office is about three consultations . Even when they were results after a single treatment , it took two to six queries to obtain the desired level of whiteness of the patients.

In deciding whether tooth whitening in a dental office is right for you, remember to keep in mind that you may need more than one query . These consultations extra, take time and cost money. As with any new technology, tooth whitening costs tend to go down.Many dentists offer discounts on dental whitening to attract new customers to their offices.

Having a bright white smile can make you feel more confident and make a good first impression. The desire for a whiter smile has resulted in products ranging from $ 5 to thousands of dollars. The wide range of dental treatments exist, more people are liable to get white teeth. toothpastes bleaching , guards and gels bleach, products that are applied by brush , whitening strips the cost of teeth whitening will be in proportion to the product of your choice.

For a treatment fast and convenient, many people choose products that can be purchased at a pharmacy or a supermarket . These products include, Mouthwash and even chewing gum bleaching. The cost to whiten teeth with these products is between 5 to 50 dollars. The results with these products can be highly variable. There are also teeth whitening treatments that can be purchased in a dental office. Costs range from 200 to 400 dollars and include custom-made guards to get the best results . This method uses a gel containing a bleaching agent is brought into the guard. The guard is placed over the teeth and allow the recommended time for the days recommended.


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