Advantages of Dental Implants over Removable Dentures

Spaces between the teeth not only prove to be rather embarrassing for people but they even face difficulty in chewing food because of them. Anyone who wishes to smile comfortably, confidently and with ease should definitely be considering getting dental implants and getting rid of dentures if they have been using them. The great thing about dental implants is that their presence is never really felt while not only do they make the wear look natural but they themselves have a natural appearance as well. Dental implants are meant to last for a lifetime if they are used properly. It has been proven by studies that the chances of using dental implants for a longer period of time have been increasing ever since the success rate of the implants have been so great.

Rather than using dentures, going for dental implants has a lot of advantages (Dental implant advantages). Dental implants are the solution for the problem of tooth loss that involves replacing teeth in an artificial way. Artificial replacement and prosthetic dentistry are the two categories under which dental implants fall. This is the reason that rather than solution, dental implants are considered as a vanity. The problem of tooth loss can be solved in a variety of ways these days, but dental implants have proven to be the most durable and effective.

The functionality and the structure of the teeth receive support even with the use of dental engraves. Congenital defects, excessive wear and tear, Periodonitis, root canal failure, tooth decay and trauma to the mouth, are some of the reasons that people loose their teeth. An individual’s eating habit can also be always affected by the loss of tooth. Malnutrition can also result from tooth loss. When it comes to supporting dentures that includes making them more durable and comfortable, providing support to the bridges and helping remove the need for a partial denture and replacing one or multiple teeth that are affecting the bordering teeth, are the reasons people go for dental implants.

Endosteal implants and Subperiosteal implants are among the two common types of dental implants that are used today. In the last few years, a narrow mini implant was also developed and introduced, which is one of today’s many advanced procedures. When going for dental implants over removable dentures, consulting a certified periodontist is always advisable. Anyone who wants to get dental implants should be heading to the dentist or a prosthodontist.

One of the other reasons where the Implants are advantageous over the Dentures, is the saving of the ridge complexion. The Dentures exert pressure on the jaw bones and this leads to the resorption of the jaw bone. The implants on the other hand, get integrated with the jaw bone and so there is no such resorption seen when the Implants are placed.

Removable partial dentures and cast dentures have a hassle of overnight cleaning and maintenance, and you need to keep that as a daily schedule to remove the denture, wash them and wear them again the next day. The implants are fixed for many years and they totally resemble the natural teeth, and thus removes your need of taking them as an artificial replacement of the natural teeth. If the retention of the removable dentures gets lesser later, an uncomfortable feeling develops, but implants do not produce any such feeling.


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