Causes and Solutions of Bad Breath

Causes and Solutions of Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the problems that everyone frequently complains about, both in business life and in normal life. Although there are certain reasons for this situation, many of us continue to live with these complaints.

Sometimes we try to find solutions ourselves, and sometimes we try to solve the problem temporarily by using different products.

Bad breath

So is there a definitive solution to bad breath?

Bad breath, which is known as “holithosis” in medical language, is actually an embarrassing problem for everyone. with someone when we meet or in a crowded environment, sometimes from food, sometimes from inadequate oral hygiene, sometimes from tooth and gum problems, is a problem that we all frequently experience.

Fennel tea, which is beneficial for intestinal and digestive problems, and ginger tea with lemon, which easily destroys bacteria in the mouth, are great herbal solutions for bad breath.

Bad Breath

In a simple definition, it is a condition where people around people complain about bad odors when the person breathes out. Sometimes the person may not realize that bad breath may occur. It is a bit difficult to judge how one smells one’s own breath. We can often notice this when our close friends or family members tell us.

What are the causes of bad breath?

This question, which many of us are wondering about, may arise for many major reasons. To talk about them briefly;

Food residues that accumulate in our mouth after the food we have eaten can cause bad odor due to the effect of other bacteria in the mouth.

Smoking, as most of us know, is quite harmful for users in terms of oral and dental health. Although smokers are aware of this situation, considering that they ignore even the more deadly harms of smoking, it turns out that it is not a very abnormal situation.
Some smokers get support from mouthwash or chemical products sold for oral and dental health.

Inadequate oral and dental care:
Saliva and secretions that occur naturally in the mouth can cause bad breath at different times of the day, especially if nothing is eaten or drunk for a long time. It is a naturally occurring process during dry mouth and sleep. It will be useful to rinse our mouth with clean water as soon as we wake up after sleep. If this problem is a chronic condition, it would be good to see a doctor.

Medications used for illness may also have side effects such as bad breath and dry mouth.
In some of the medicines, bad odors can be seen as a result of some chemical substances in their content coming out of the mouth after being digested in the body.
This is another cause of bad breath.

Infections in the mouth:
Some wounds in the mouth, infected gums, cause bad odor. Respiratory tract infections, diseases in the nose and throat, sinus disorders and post-nasal drip are other causes of bad breath.

Apart from these, some digestive tract disorders and stomach-related health problems can also cause bad breath.

What should we do to get rid of bad breath?

First of all, the cause of bad breath should be investigated well. You can apply to oral and dental health centers or dentists for this. As a result of the evaluations of the dentists, a treatment process will begin. If there is no other health problem or other reason, you can reduce the daily bad breath complaints by using personal care products such as mouthwash for oral and dental health.

Also, drink water frequently during the day; It increases saliva production and cleans the bacteria formed in the mouth. In this way, you can prevent the odors caused by bacteria that remain in the mouth for a long time.
We wish you healthy days.


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