Causes and Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity

Smile is the most attractive part of most of the people‚Äôs attire. Rightly said by boy zone “smile an everlasting smile can bring you near to me” but sometimes this smile is affected due to different kinds of tooth sensitivities. What tooth sensitivity means that your tooth becomes hypersensitive to hot and cold sensations. This happens because the nerve enclosed inside dentine is exposed to the environment either due to gum receding or thinning of enamel (layer covering dentine) with time. Some of the things which can affect the proceeding of these events are as follows:

Improper time or way of brushing: Brushing your teeth immediately after consumption of acidic beverages can cause more rapid erosion of enamel causing tooth sensitivity. Too vigorous brushing can cause gum receding once again leaving dentine exposed.

Teeth grinding: If you are a habitual teeth grinder, during the sleep or while you are awake your tooth sensitivity is most likely to increase due to wearing off of enamel and exposure of dentine.

Periodontitis: Gingivitis if left un-treated will lead to periodontitis in which the gum tissue and bone gets eroded leaving dentine exposed.

Tooth whitening toothpaste: Some tooth whitening chemicals are used in toothpaste. This can cause tooth sensitivity to some people who show hyper-sensitivity towards these chemicals.

Mouth washes: They have the same above mentioned problems so be careful what mouthwash you choose.

Excessive plaque: An excessive build up of plaque can cause wearing of enamel and hence increment in tooth sensitivity.

Dental procedure: Tooth sensitivity is common immediately after a dental procedure such as root canal, crown replacement etc. This sensitivity naturally goes away with time.

A chipped tooth: A broken or chipped tooth can cause pain beyond tooth sensitivity. You immediately need to consult your doctor in case of any such happening.

Decay around edges of filling: With time and attainment of old age the filling of the teeth around the edges starts to leak. The spaces left become sanctuary for bacteria which causes acid buildup and enamel breakdown thus increasing tooth sensitivity.

Abrasive toothpaste or toothbrush: Abrasive tooth paste and tooth brush with hard fibers can both be a cause of mechanical erosion of your enamel and in turn a cause of tooth sensitivity.

Excessive acidic beverages: An excessive consumption of acidic beverages can also lead to erosion of enamel and hyper sensitivity.


There are multiple ways to get rid of this tooth sensitivity. Contacting your dentist should be your first option other measures you can take includes using soft bristle tooth brush, brushing correctly to prevent abrasion, using specially formulated toothpaste to help reduce sensitivity, application of soft varnish for strengthen tooth, high fluoride toothpaste for everyday use, dental restoration to build up the areas that have lost enamel.


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