Causes for Tooth Extraction

The commonest reason for extraction is tooth damage as a result of breakage or decay. You will discover supplemental motives for tooth extraction…

  • Extreme tooth decay or contamination (acute or chronic alveolar abscess). Irrespective of the decrease in all over the world prevalence of dental caries, still it’s the commonest reason for extraction of (non-third molar) tooth with up to 2 thirds of extractions.
  • Supplemental teeth which are blocking other teeth from coming in.
  • Extreme gum disorder which can have a bearing on the supporting cells and bone structures of tooth.
  • In preparation for orthodontic therapy (braces).
  • Teeth in the fracture line.
  • Fractured teeth.
  • Prosthetics; teeth detrimental to the healthy or visual appeal of dentures.
  • Inadequate area for wisdom teeth (impacted third molars). Although lots dentists take out asymptomatic impacted third molars.
  • Beauty; teeth of poor appearance, unsuitable for restoration.
  • Being given radiation to the top and neck may need extraction of teeth in the line of business of radiation.
  • Deliberate, medically unnecessary, extraction as a particularly dreadful form of physical torture.


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