Cost of Traditional Braces

Braces are one of the main reasons why people have dental insurance. Kids braces can cost more then five thousand dollars. This hefty sum can make quite a dent in your family budget, unless your employer doesn’t have a good dental plan.

People are often amazed when they are told how much braces cost, as it is hard to see why few pieces of metal and a wire are so expensive. But often, wearing braces is just one step of the process. There are plenty of factors that determine the final cost of braces. One of them is how much preparation is needed before actually placing braces on teeth. This depends on the original state of the teeth and often includes plenty of X-rays and expensive dental surgery. It can also means that a patient has to wear special equipment, like head gear, which is done in cases when not all teeth need to be straightened. Head gear ensures that properly placed teeth are held in that position, while others are being repositioned.

Other important factor that greatly influences the final price of the braces is the duration of the treatment. Person who wears braces for six months will make far less visits to the dentist compared to the person who wears them for two years. Every visit and adjustment of the braces will add to the total sum you pay.

The model and make of the braces can also make big difference, especially the material they are made of, as some materials need to be replaced more often than others. The time it takes to position them properly is also important factor when determining the price.

Dental care after the braces are removed and the cost of retainers also need to be factored in the final cost of braces. This doesn’t take into consideration any of several possible complications that can occur. In essence, the price of the braces is calculated on case to case bases, as there aren’t; two patient alike.


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