Dental Bridge Cost

Dental Bridge Cost Over Dentures Cost

Both dental bridges and dentures are traditional means of replacing missing teeth, with the dental bridge cost typically being higher than the cost of dentures. Both procedures are widely seen today as being less favorable solutions to permanent dental implants, yet both can be stabilized by dental implants as a long-term option to tooth replacement. When assessing whether dental bridge cost offers better value for money than the cost of dentures it is important to consider the longevity of each type of prosthesis.

Dental Bridge Cost: Bridging the Gap

Dental bridges are a traditional solution to replacing missing teeth, whose absence can create a speech impediment and an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, not to mention being detrimental to the appearance of one’s smile! There are a number of different types of bridges available at varied dental bridge cost, including conventional fixed bridges, as well as bridges fixed as part of the modern technique known as ‘All-on-Four’. This treatment, best carried out at the Brueggen Dental Implant Center under expert implantologist Dr. Brueggen’s care, involves the placement of just four implants, to which a fully customized and non-removable prosthetic dental bridge is attached. The technique, which is recommended for patients suffering from rampant tooth loss, is designed to replace the entire mouth of missing and/or failing teeth with an aesthetic, functional and comfortable set of teeth.

Dental Bridge Cost

Dependent on several factors, dental bridge cost normally ranges in price from $3,000 to $6,000 as compared with the cost of dentures, which start at around $3,000. In some cases, replacing numerous missing teeth using a traditional bridge can be impractical and expensive, making the ‘All-on-Four’ treatment plan an attractive option for those needing to replace a whole arch, or both arches of teeth. This technique is not associated with an increase in the patient’s chances of needing additional procedures such as root canals or fillings in the adjoining teeth, as is the case with the fitting of a traditional bridge.

Other factors that affect the dental bridge cost include the location of the dentist and the patient’s level of dental insurance coverage. Bridges can be made from a number of materials, and the type of material used can affect the dental bridge cost. Lastly, the extent the surrounding teeth need to be prepared before the placement of a bridge can also affect dental bridge cost.

Dental Bridge: Better Value than Removable Dentures?

In the event that the patient exercises proper oral hygiene and visits a dentist for regular check-ups, a bridge can last many years. Bridges fitted using the ‘All-on-Four’ technique offers the greatest lifespan of all solutions – one of up to 20 and even 30 years. While the cost of dentures is less expensive than that of the dental bridge cost, dentures typically need replacing a lot sooner. Many dentures, regardless of the cost of dentures, only come with a one- or two-year warranty, though quality ‘false teeth’ can last longer. Cost aside, a bridge offers the patient a more natural and comfortable solution to tooth restoration – something many patients feel is worth paying for regardless of the dental bridge cost.


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