Dental Crowding and Braces Cost

Dental crowding is the most common chief complain of a prospective orthodontic patient. Orthodontic treatment of crowding through proper alignment of the teeth may become difficult in the presence of tooth size discrepancies. In order to obtain ideal occlusion, it is necessary to know if and where a significant tooth size discrepancy exists.

Discrepancy in tooth size is defined as a disproportion among the sizes of the maxillary and mandibular teeth. The tooth size discrepancy should be compensated for in the treatment planning by considering esthetic bonding, prosthetic recontouring, stripping of enamel, extraction, leaving spaces or changing the desired anterior overjet and overbite.

Braces Cost: $1,000 to $4,000

Cost of orthodontic treatment may vary depending on…

1. Difficulty of the case.
2. Appliance / brackets to be used.
3. Specialization of the dentist needed to install a particular appliance/braces (standards of dentistry, dentist’s experience and level of training).
4. Fees charged by dental technologist/dental laboratory (laser scans, wire bending robot for lingual braces and customized brackets).


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