Dental Implants in India – Cost of Implant Placement

In India, the concept of Dental Implants is still not very widespread as many rural areas still follow the removable replacement options for the missing teeth, but in the urban areas there are several Dental implant types available for people to get the best replacement of the missing tooth in their mouth. There are a few well known manufacturers in India for the Dental Implants, whose success ratio has been good for the material, and the properties of the implant from them.

Implant Companies in India

The various implant companies which are popular in India, and are recommended by the major Dentists and Implantologists are:

  • Adin
  • BioHorizons
  • Nobel Biocare

Adin dental implants are one of the affordable dental implant systems in India, with the various varieties available namely TOUAREG, TOUAREGS, TOUAREG NP, SWELL, ONE PIECE and TMA.

BioHorizons has got nine comprehensive dental implant lines, and there are all the compatible features in the BioHorizons system that a clinician would prefer, and the Bio Horizons system of Implant is supported by several major dental labs in India.

Nobel Biocare is one of the most advanced and higher priced Dental implant system, which comes with the lifetime warranty where if any problem is seen due to the implant in the patient’s mouth, the company offers a complete replacement of the same.

This is the widest system of dental implants available globally, and has been getting a lot of popularity in India too. A few systems include the NobelActive system, Branemark system, NobelReplace System, NobelSpeedy System etc. and they all serve their own best purpose.

Cost of Dental Implant Placement in India

In India, the placement of Dental implant varies a lot based on the company / manufacturer used by the dentist. The basic pricing that has been observed in the South India region is as follows, but this is not a fixed pricing range.

  • Adin Implant Cost – Rs. 20000
  • BioHorizons Implant Cost – Rs. 30000
  • Nobel Biocare Implant Cost – Rs. 45000

These are the costs charged by a dentist to the patient for the placement of the Dental implant, for the entire procedure and these prices are different due to the varied costs of the dental implants from the different manufacturers. India is the place where some cheap dental implants are well available, compared to the several western companies.


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