Dental Interim Restoration (ITR) Cost

Interim therapeutic restoration is indicated for uncooperative patients, usually infants and toddlers and patients with special health care needs when traditional cavity preparation and restoration is nor feasible or needs to be deferred. The goal is to put provisional restoration without putting local anesthesia. Fluoride releasing glass ionomer is used to prevent further progression of dental caries. Necrosis and irreversible pulpitis are contraindicated. Treatment can also be done by general dentists, often avoiding sedation or general anesthesia.

Interim Therapeutic Restoration Cost in the Philippines: $11 up
Interim Therapeutic Restoration Cost in the US: $50 up

Cost of ITR may vary depending on

1.Difficulty of the case
2.Extent of caries
3.Location of the dental clinic/office
4.Specialization of the dentist


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