Dental Phobia Or Anxiety From Seeing A Dentist

Dental Phobia or Anxiety is a serious condition that prevents many from seeing a dentist. Ok, so some people think big deal, someone is afraid to go to the dentist. Well in actuality it is a big deal. Dental phobia or anxiety can be extremely harmful to individuals and can cause unwanted dental conditions to arise. Some individuals have such an incredible fear that they avoid going to the dentist for years. When they finally do go it is most likely that the condition has reached a critical or painful stage.

For those who have extreme dental anxiety, they may reach a point of feeling physically ill or have panic attacks while in the waiting room. It has been found that people who have extreme dental phobia have a higher risk for early tooth loss and gum disease.

It is vital that individuals who suffer from extreme fear advise their dentist in advance so that they are aware and can help reduce the level of fear.

Many dental offices are fully aware of the importance in assisting these individuals overcome their fear. Some have gone as far as providing video’s for their patients to choose from, headsets so as to select music channels, and provide a slower, step by step process, with an explanation in advance as to what procedure they intend to perform next.


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