Gray Teeth Whitening

In this article we will be talking about the gray teeth and gray teeth whitening methods and solutions. We will also discuss that what are the common reasons and causes of the gray teeth and will see how to treat this condition. We will also discuss that are gray teeth always bad.

What are the Gray Teeth

The discoloration of the teeth is a common and important condition that is known by every one. If you are not brushing your teeth properly and not caring about your teeth, usually your teeth color becomes yellowish due to the deposition of the tartar on your teeth. If you are not treating this condition then the yellow coloration may turn into the black stains on your teeth which are usually hard to clean.

Sometimes the teeth color is changed to the gray color. This is the simple discoloration of the teeth and the whitening of gray teeth is not impossible.

What are the Causes of Gray Teeth – Is Gray Teeth Whitening Possible?

There are some popular questions that arise in the minds of many people, like how to lose weight etc. Similarly when in case of teeth whitening, people often ask about causes and treatments of gray teeth. Let me answer the common question asked by the people that is gray teeth whitening possible? The simplest answer is YES. But before discussing how to whiten the gray teeth we need to discuss that what are the usual causes of gray teeth formation?

There may be many reasons of the gray teeth:

  • There are some minerals which are very important for the formation and proper coloration of the teeth. The lack of these minerals may result in the gray teeth. If a baby drinking the water that lacks these essential minerals then the baby may get the gray teeth.
  • There are some drugs that can cause the discoloration of the teeth and may turn your teeth color into gray. But this process is a long process. So if you feel that your teeth are turning into the gray color, then you should check that what drugs are you using and consult your physician to discuss this condition.
  • Some people have the gray teeth from very beginning. It means that their teeth are naturally gray in color.
  • Sometimes the pulp of the teeth is damaged or died and that turns the color of the infected teeth into gray.
  • Excessive use of coffee, red wine and smoking are also the usual causes of teeth discoloration and gray teeth formation.

Gray Teeth Whitening – Are the Gray Teeth Always Bad

As discussed in the above section there may be many reasons of the gray teeth. But sometimes the natural teeth are in the gray color. Usually some teeth are gray in color and others are white. If the natural gray teeth are strong and can grind the food well and you don’t feel the pain or other bad feelings then your gray teeth are not bad. If you still want to make your gray teeth whiter you may consult your dentist as there are some methods like laser treatment, for gray teeth whitening.

Gray Teeth Whitening – How To Do?

The gray teeth whitening is possible and the cure and medication depends on the causes of the condition. If the discoloration is due to the deficiency of the essential minerals then the diet rich in these minerals can make the condition better. Similarly if some drug is causing the gray teeth formation then that drug must be changed by your physician and you should use the alternate drug. As mentioned earlier the red wine, coffee and smoking are the killers for your teeth. Try to quit these drinking and smoking habits to reduce your condition. This will help in your gray teeth whitening process. If the gray teeth are due to the dead or infected pulp then use of the crowns and root canal treatment will help you.

If you have the natural gray teeth, then it is very difficult to treat the condition. But teeth bleaching and laser teeth whitening methods may help you a bit.

Usual treatments for the gray teeth include:

  • The use of crowns
  • Use of veneers
  • Root canal treatment
  • Home teeth bleaching
  • Laser teeth treatment

But you must consult to a professional and experienced dentist who will examine your teeth, will study the condition, sort out the reasons of gray teeth and will then suggest a best gray teeth whitening procedure for you. We will not discuss these gray teeth whitening and treatment methods in detail here as it is the out of the scope of this article.


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