Healthy Dental Tips for Families

There are many good aims to retain your family’s gums and teeth healthy. They can shine smiles, provide ability to chew for healthy nutrition and prevent toothaches and distress. They can also prevent gum disease that can lead to other problems in the body such as the higher risk of heart disease. Here are easy dental tips to keep teeth strong and healthy from youthful to adulthood.

Start from early childhood!

There is an increase case that most young children show tooth decay signs before on their school age. There are many children have cavities. So, dental care starting as soon as first tooth of the child appears at about six months is one of crucial dental tips. Use a very soft brush or a clean, wet cloth to wipe teeth. You can tell your 2 years old kid to brush their own teeth with supervising from parents.

Use teeth sealant!

Kids at age 6 get permanent molars. They are thin protective coatings that can prevent decay in the crevices and pits and are applied to the grinding tops of the back teeth. Sealants are best dental tips that help considerably to decrease caries. Unfortunately, there is a few kids in the U.S. receives dental sealants. Consult to your dentist to give your kids sealant.

Use enough toothpaste with fluoride!

Fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash provide best protection to your teeth. It is one of dental tips that reinforces enamel and prevent tooth decay. Drink water in the U.S. that is fluoridated help to protect your teeth. Ask your dentist if your drink water is not fluoridated. You can have toothpastes and mouth wash that contain fluoride. However, fluoride application for young children should be limited as it cause white spots on teeth if apply too much.

Brush and floss daily!

Not just for older people, young children can develop tooth decay and gum disease. Brush teeth twice a day and floss once a day everyday as dental tips. Change toothbrushes 4 times a year. Use special toothbrushes and other oral hygiene tools for those who wear braces to brush their teeth.


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