How Much Does Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Cost?

Carbamide peroxide is one of the highly rated teeth whitening products in the market, and customers have a lot of questions regarding this type of whitening product, including the Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening cost and its effectiveness. Millions of people around the world opt to avail of various teeth whitening procedures to make their smiles more radiant and sparkling. As we grow older, our teeth tend to become more yellow because of a number of factors. Surface stains are the main culprit for the discoloration of our teeth, and some of the causes of surface stains include: drinking tea, coffee or red wine, smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, eating pigmented foods, and the gradual accumulation of tartar. Other types of stains that cause the discoloration of our teeth are known as internal or intrinsic stains. These factors include the graying or yellowing of teeth because of aging, ingesting a very high amount of fluoride during the teeth formation stages, and trauma to the teeth which may result to the death of the nerves of a particular tooth and causes a black, gray or brown color. There are truly a lot of factors that cause the discoloration of our teeth. However, because of the developments in dental procedures and products, dentists and scientists have created a wide variety of teeth whitening products and procedures that aim to correct the discoloration of teeth. There are a number of teeth whitening products such as toothpastes and gels that are created for teeth whitening purposes; however, they have very little or minimal effect. Dentists have therefore created a number of dental procedures that have a great effect on the whitening of our teeth. One such product is the Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening product, which is distributed only by licensed dentists.

Carbamide peroxide is also called urea peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea in an aqueous solution. Hydrogen peroxide is the main active ingredient of this product. Once the active ingredient breaks down, this allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, which effectively creates a bleaching mechanism and lightens the color of the teeth.

Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening products usually come in a 35 percent solution gel that is stabilized with a pH balanced formula. Carbamide peroxide is also very popular among millions of customers because it does not contain harmful acids that can cause abrasion and damage to the teeth and gums. Other products are not very effective when it comes to teeth whitening because they only contain a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is also extremely popular because it costs relatively less than other types of teeth whitening products and procedures. The teeth whitening cost of other procedures are usually within the 400 or 500 dollar range. The teeth whitening cost of other procedures even cost up to 1000 dollars in some dental clinics. Carbamide peroxide is one of the most affordable teeth whitening product because some dental clinics offer Carbamide peroxide whitening kits for as low as 200 to 300 dollars. However, it may cost a bit higher in more expensive dental clinics, and may cost to a maximum of 400 to 500 dollars per whitening kit.

For its relatively more affordable price range, Carbamide peroxide is truly one of the leading teeth whitening products in the market. And now that you know the range of the Carbamide teeth whitening cost, you can already set a budget and book an appointment with your nearest dental clinic to avail of this whitening product.


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