How Much Does Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Cost?

Rembrandt teeth whitening is considered to be one of the top whiteningproducts in the market; however a lot of people ask about the efficiency of this product and the Rembrandt teeth whitening cost. Other people also ask about the bleaching mechanism of the Rembrandt teeth whitening procedure, because they just want to make sure that they are availing a product that is worth their money. If you want to know more about Rembrandt teeth whitening and its cost, then read on.

The Rembrandt teeth whitening system is a specialized teeth whitening that usually takes two hours to take effect. Rembrandt teeth whitening can either be purchased directly as a teeth whitening gel kit that can be found in local cosmetic shops and drugstores, or it can also be purchased as an in-office whitening program that is administered by a licensed dentist. The Rembrandt teeth whitening kits that are sold in drugstores are equipped with sets of trays that are designed to fit in almost all types of teeth sizes. These kits come with a detailed instruction on how to apply the teeth whitening product on your teeth. However, more customers choose to avail of the Rembrandt in-office whitening program because dentists use more advanced technology to fully whiten your teeth. Dentists usually use a Rembrandt Sapphire Light, Rembrandt Lightning Plus Gel, and a Rembrandt Whitening Crystal to achieve a greater whitening effect of up to 8 to 10 shades lighter. The Rembrandt Sapphire light is an advanced plasma arc lighting system that is used with the whitening crystal to allow cosmetic dentists to treat the upper and lower teeth at a given time. The sapphire light generates a particular wavelength that activates the bleaching agent, and allows the bleach to seep into the layers of the teeth. Some people may be quite hesitant with the Rembrandt whitening system, but dentists assure the safety of this product because it does not produce any type of heating effect that can harm the teeth. The Rembrandt whitening system also has a desensitizing agent that eliminates sensitivity that may be experienced by the patient during the whitening procedure.

However, customers who are wary of the teeth whitening cost of in-office whitening procedures choose to buy the commercial Rembrandt teeth whitening kits that use a standard 5 percent hydrogen peroxide solution. These teeth whitening kits are also quite effective to a certain extent because they use a whitening system that is already chemically activated. This means that these whitening kits do not need a light in order to take effect. The teeth whitening cost of in-office Rembrandt whitening procedures range from 300 dollars to 500 dollars. Some dental clinics even offer Rembrandt teeth whitening procedures for 200 dollars, depending on the city or state. A full Rembrandt teeth whitening take home kit costs around 150 dollars. Some commercial Rembrandt whitening kits can cost 20 to 30 dollars, and some Rembrandt teeth whitening strips can cost an average of 25 dollars. The cost of Rembrandt teeth whitening can vary across different states and countries. It is best to ask for a teeth whitening quote from a number of dental clinics to have an idea of the Rembrandt teeth whitening cost in your area.


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