How Much It Could Cost To Repair A Chipped Tooth?

A tooth can break because of any reason. You might have bitten something too hard on something or your tooth may be weak which is why it got chipped off. Getting a chipped tooth repaired is quite easy as most dentists do this kind of procedure. It takes only one session with your dentist to get it repaired.

The Processes Involved

Once your tooth chips off, you need to visit the dentist immediately. The dentist will decide if the damaged caused is a big one or not. For a small chip off, the dentist will fill in using bonded resin. For largerchips, more complex processes are required like the fitting of a laminated veneer. However, these are temporary solutions as the fillings will decay after some years. So, you will have to get them redone.

Chipping off of tooth is considered dangerous because it involves breaking the strongest part of our body, i.e. the enamel. So, you have to assume that some damage is done to the nerve endings of the tooth. If the chip off is large, then the problem can be easily identified. However, for a small chip off, there can be slow decay in the nerve cells which will require a root canal surgery.

Cost Involved In The Process

The costs of the processes are given below:

  • The cost of redoing a small chip off is around Rs 8,000-10,000/-.
  • For larger chip offs, which require laminated veneer treatment, you might need to spend more than Rs 15,000/-.

Usually insurance policies do not cover treatment of your teeth, so you need to have to money to get your tooth fixed. However, some insurance policies do cover the damage caused to your teeth. You need to look into the details of your policy to know if yours one covers dental treatment or not.


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