How To Clean Between My Teeth

No matter how you brush you will never be able to remove all the plaque in your mouth that is causing your gingivitis or periodontal disease. We need to use something else and the tendency for most dental professionals is to recommend flossing once a day.

For motivated patients, who don’t have very deep periodontal pockets (less than 3mm of probing), who have fairly good dexterity and whose gingival papilla (gums between the teeth) fill the space between teeth, flossing is indicated.

For others, we can think of all the multitude of adjuvant sold at your favorite drug store, in the dental hygiene department, to help us clean between our teeth. In the following video, I will cover some of these adjuvant and how to use them.

In addition here are some other adjuvant that I did not mention in my video that could also be useful for many of you.

  • We have the electric dental flosser ”Power Flosser” battery powered by Waterpik (These are easy to use with one hand but do not clean the contact where the teeth touch)
  • We have the ”Hummingbird Picks and Flosser” starter kitby Oral B (These are easy to use but can become expensive to change the picks and flosser)
  • We have the oral irrigator called the ”Water Flosser” by Waterpik (Very useful for people with braces, implants, crowns and bridges and to alternate with dental floss)
  • We have tongue cleansers, here there many different companies to choose from and I think it would be a good idea to try a few models on your own. The recent literature finds that having a clean tongue will mostly improve your breath rather than your gingivitis.
  • We have the ”Sulcabrush” or the ”End-Tufted” toothbrushes, which will be ideal to clean around crowns and bridges, implants, braces and behind the back molars.
  • We have the ”Rubber tip Stimulator” by Gum (A good alternative to toothpicks, can massage gum tissues and reduce gingival bleeding)
  • We have ”Stim-U-Dants” need to be moistened and used in areas of the mouth where the papilla between teeth has receded.

Once you have found an adjuvant which you like, find convenient and is effective in reducing plaque from between your teeth use it every day. If you need help, ask your dentist or dental hygienist and they will be more than happy to help you with this new skill.

What you do everyday is what will make a difference in the long run for your oral and global health.


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