How to Cure a Nasty Toothache

Perhaps one of the most common forms of oral problems is that bad old toothache. A toothache makes it difficult for a person to eat, and sometimes may lead to further tooth loss or gum damage if not dealt with. What could be the causes of such a condition? What methods are used to help treat it? Are there any homemade remedies that people concoct for toothache cures? Find out more on those as you read on.

There are many possible causes of a person having a toothache, also known as odontalgia in medical terms. If a person develops a cavity or a hole on the enamel coating his tooth, it can lead to a stinging sensation such as a toothache. The cavity exposes the interior of the tooth, including the pulp and the nerves that are highly sensitive. In some instances, a person may have a toothache because of a gum infection or gum disease.

It is normal for person to experience toothache following a tooth extraction, or even as one’s teeth are developing. There are cases wherein wisdom teeth that are erupting or emerging can also lead to toothache. So how can one treat this uncomfortable condition?

Did you know that in the early periods, toothaches were dealt with using charms and amulets? However, lucky for modern man, toothaches are now treated by over the counter medicines and even home remedies. One of the quick fixes you can get if you really need to deal with that nasty toothache is to take a pain reliever. Examples of these are acetaminophen, also known as Tylenol, or even Aspirin. However, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should avoid having these pills come in contact directly on the aching tooth, as this can cause further pain.

The ADA also says that you should rinse your mouth with warm water, and remove and debris or food particles around your aching tooth with dental floss. Other dentistry sources also advise not to eat food that is either too hot or too cold, to avoid aggravating the pain. If after many attempts the ache still persists, you should go to your dentist immediately. A tooth extraction or a dental operation might be needed.

Examples of herbal home remedies that you can find about toothaches involve using clove oil or even tarragon. In other sources, citrus juice, onions, and even garlic are recommendations for dealing with toothaches at home. You can find out more about these when you search for other toothache cures online. Be reminded that you should see a dental practitioner if your toothache doesn’t stop after a day.


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