How to Kiss with Dental Braces?

It’s one of the oldest anxieties related to braces – what happens to romance once all that glinting metal makes its way onto your teeth? Kissing with braces actually doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, awkward or painful. You shouldn’t have to lock yourself away for the two years that it will take for your teeth move to their desired position.

The biggest advice braces wearers would give for persons who are uncomfortable kissing with their braces, is to change the way you think of them. In other words, stop thinking of your braces as train tracks. Instead, look at them as fashion accessories lust like nose rings, or even tongue piercings. You would never think a pierced tongue was nerdy or uncool, so there’s no reason to believe that about braces either. Much of romance is how you feel about yourself, and you won’t feel so great if you think of yourself as “metal mouth.” The bottom-line is that you shouldn’t get your braces get in the way of experiencing a first kiss.

If you’ve just been fitted with braces, you might want to wait till your soreness and any discomfort is gone before you think of kissing. The initial days after braces have been fitted can have you suffering from dull pain, cuts and sores, and a deep aching throb in your jaw. None of this bodes well for romance! Give your mouth time to relax and get used to the braces.

When you do get to that special moment, remember to keep your mouth closed as you approach for the kiss. You risk getting your partner’s teeth crashing into the braces, or feeling the cold of the metal. Either way, it’s not a memorable experience.

Be gentle. Remember there are some things you can’t do when you have braces, and, although your orthodontist won’t tell you this, rough kissing is probably one of them! Aggressive kissing could actually cause you to damage your braces, or even worse, cut your lips or mouth on the metal.

French kissing when you have braces may not be hard on you, but it may be painful for your partner. Although modern braces are much smoother than they used to be, your partner can still have the tongue cut by the metal. So, avoid the aggressive kissing till after the braces come off, or at least till the two of you are comfortable enough with your braces. Ounce you’re used to the braces, you can increase the tempo.

Braces used to be a sure fire romance-killer. Not anymore. These days, they are available in multi-hued colors, as well as invisible styles, so they don’t seem as unattractive as before. Therefore, there’s no reason why they should play passion pooper.


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