Myths and Truths About Dental Health

Many people think they know about dentistry enough to be able to assess the risks of one or another of the teeth and mouth. Therefore, there are several common “truths” that have become myths associated with the treatment and maintenance of teeth. Here are some of them.

1. Crushed aspirin tablet or a cotton ball with alcohol on the affected tooth, instantly removing the pain. This is not even just a myth, and a dangerous delusion. Listed chemicals, mucous membranes, to threaten to burn, which will be added to the toothache, which, of course, does not disappear.

2. Brushing your teeth with baking soda is a great bleaching agent. Tooth whitening is a special procedure. Washing soda is equivalent to the use of sandpaper on your teeth. Soda is too abrasive which violates the enamel and will send you soon in the dental office.

3. After removal of the tooth mouth should be rinsed as possible, often with the disinfectant solution. Rinsing is necessary but a better solution is to be held in the mouth. If too frequently rinse the wound can be washed clotted blood, which ensures successful healing. So it is better this place do not touch at all and treated 2-3 days.

4. Gold crowns are the best because they do not cause allergies. Actually, the gold in your mouth can be a powerful allergen. For some people in the contact area of ​​the gold fillings in the oral mucosa appears strong foci of inflammation and even sores on the tissues. Therefore, already widespread view that the metal ceramic or any other most common alloy is better than gold.

5. It makes no sense to treat milk teeth – they like fall. They will fall, of course, but before it can harm the gums and new teeth will grow up already sick. So you should treat everything that needs treatment.

6. All sweet tooth enamel breaks. This is not true. Recent studies show that as black chocolate is even good for your teeth. In Cocoa archaeologists found antimicrobial protect teeth from decay. But everything should be in moderation. If you do not want to give up sweet drinks, dentists recommend you to drink through a straw to minimize contact of the liquid with enamel.


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