Oral and Dental Health During Pregnancy

Oral and Dental Health During Pregnancy

Although it is recommended for women to complete the necessary treatments for oral and dental health before pregnancy, treatment may be needed during pregnancy. There are some important points to be considered during dental treatment of pregnant women. Before dental treatment, the obstetrician should be contacted and the treatment should be started after getting informed about the drugs, anesthesia and treatment to be used.

Oral and Dental Health

What pregnant women should pay attention to during dental treatment

Increased hormonal and mechanical changes due to pregnancy increase the gag reflex and increase the risk of gastric acid reflux.

Oral and Dental Health

In addition, the size of the uterus increases in the future and causes an increase in intragastric abdominal pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the seat as upright as possible during the treatment in order to relieve the abdominal pressure and protect the patient.

Treatment should be completed as soon as possible, and movements such as getting up from the chair and positioning the chair should be slow and careful. When lying on the back, the inferior vena cava veins can be squeezed by the uterus, causing a decrease in blood pressure. For this reason, raising the right hip part 10-12 cm while on the sofa and inclining it to the left side by 5-15% will reduce the pressure on these veins. Thus, low blood pressure can be prevented.

There is a fear of dentists in many people. Of course, there will be those who have this fear among pregnant women. Providing a relaxing environment and completing the procedures as soon as possible will be very beneficial for pregnant women with dental fear. The most suitable period for dental treatment in pregnancy is 4-5-6. for months. However, when there is a situation that requires root canal treatment, it is necessary to leave it after birth after the applications that will prevent pain because x-rays cannot be taken.

Oral and Dental health effects of being pregnant

Oral and Dental Health

Being pregnant is a physiological occasion that affects virtually all organs and methods in the physique with hormonal changes. These hormonal alterations are additionally potent on oral and dental health. Moreover, changes in oral flora have primary effects on mom and baby.

Pregnancy Gingivitis: The broaden in progesterone hormone explanations an broaden in blood glide to the gum tissues and therefore issues similar to sensitivity, swelling and bleeding. Such problems can also be encountered throughout brushing and toothbrushing. Despite the fact that these alterations can arise in any interval of being pregnant, they are more original in the 2nd trimester.

This hormonal pad creates an environment that enables the development of bacteria related to gingivitis, and if this condition shouldn’t be dealt with, it is going to grow to be a period that starts with continual gum diseases and progresses to loss.

In line with the researches of Sillness and Löe, 100% of pregnant women have one-of-a-kind degrees of

There are signs of gingival inflammation.

Lopez et al. In step with her experiences, gingivitis pregnant ladies have a drastically bigger rate of preterm supply / miscarriage than pregnant ladies with healthy gums.

for this reason of erosion of teeth, nausea and vomiting within the mornings during being pregnant, the acidity of the oral environment increases, so the tooth may be eroded.
Multiplied caries develop and the consumption of carbohydrate meals for the duration of pregnancy additionally intent an increase in caries.

Oral and Dental Health

Mobility (shaking) of enamel: Even in periodontally healthful females, mobility will also be obvious within the tooth for the period of pregnancy. Stories have stated that this mobility is most customary in the upper incisors in the final month of being pregnant.

Oral and Dental wellness advice for the duration of being pregnant will have to be beneath regular dentist control supplying typical and soft Oral Hygiene With smooth Bristle Toothbrush 2 times A Day And Dental Floss once A Day And by way of using Alcohol-Free Gargles, (with a view to prevent damage To gentle Gingival Tissues)

In case of acidity broaden within the mouth consequently of nausea and vomiting, mouthwash will have to be rinsed and neutralizing meals should be consumed.

A healthful weight loss program Containing Calcium Phosphorus, Protein And nutrients A, C, E will have to Be followed


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