Our Oral and Dental Health in Pandemic Days

Our Oral and Dental Health in Pandemic Days


Understanding our situation well and acting consciously are two main factors in the pandemic process we have experienced recently.
It is possible to understand our situation well with accurate and scientific information. In this respect, perhaps we should be afraid of not having sufficient and accurate information about COVID-19 and the panic it creates. And we must become more conscious by getting the right information from the right sources.

We are all aware of what we should do and what not to do regarding the personal precautions we should take. In other words, using masks, obeying social distance rules, and not leaving our homes unless it is essential. These are ways of behavior that we are all aware of now. What about other issues concerning our health? What should be our concerns and attitude, especially in the procurement of dental health services?

Pandemic Risks

Many people have disrupted their dental care and controls due to the risk of coronavirus.
Our health is a whole. Our oral and dental health are also parts of this whole. We would like to state that it is very important to complete your ongoing treatments during the pandemic period. Because unfinished treatments can cause further deterioration of our oral and dental health and also endanger our general health.

The presence of dental caries that can cause infection is a risky situation. If it turns into an infection, it will adversely affect our general body health. The decrease in our immunity during the pandemic period will create a much more objectionable situation.

Urgent Dental Treatment

If you need urgent dental treatment, if there are spontaneous pain and bleeding, if your existing crowns and bridges are dropped, if you have rocking implants and prostheses, it will be a very good decision to go to your dentist without interruption. However, it would be more appropriate to postpone your routine checks.

Balanced diet reduces the risk of disease.

During the epidemic period, regular and healthy nutrition is of vital importance in terms of reducing our risk of developing diseases. If you have missing teeth, unfinished applications, hitting and painful prostheses, such situations will negatively affect your nutrition quality. It is very important that you look for a suitable solution to these problems in order to protect your living comfort.

Healthy Teeth and Gums Have Positive Effects on Mental Health.

The increase in the number of infected people around us, the decrease in our social life, the prolongation of the time we spend at home can cause us to become depressed. For this reason, taking care of our oral and dental care, paying attention to our personal care and nutrition will contribute to our mental state very positively. It is also very important that we intervene in the oral and dental health of our children and family members that we are responsible for and especially ensure the continuity of their periodic controls.



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