Periodontal Laser Therapy for Gum Disease

Conventionally, gum disease was cured with a method called scaling and root skimming. The procedure was as unlikable as it sounded. Executed by the tooth specialist, scaling and root skimming involved application of hand tools to remove plaque and tartar. Regrettably, since this method did not eradicate the biofilm housing the microbes, the effectiveness of scaling and root skimming were somewhat always deficient.

Since we are dedicated to clinical superiority at the Dental Design Studio, we cure periodontal ailment with the highly advanced expertise available in modern dental medicine, micro-ultrasonic implements besides lasers.

This blended use of expertise actually eliminates the contamination rather than managing the disease, which has been the conventional type of cure.

How does the laser functions?

A diode laser is used in grouping with a micro-ultrasonic hand tool detaching the biofilm from the dental facade. The spinning action formed by the micro-ultrasonic actually forms a tornado-like effect attacking the biofilm’s physical formation.

Once the biofilm is detached, the diode laser is used to make periodontal pockets germ-free and take off any contaminated tissue. As the old tissue is detached, microscopic clots form and the body’s natural healing action takes over and as this occurs, the tissue reattaches to the bone and the gums return to a healthy and infection-free stage.

Can the laser hurt my teeth or cut my gums?

Identical to surgeons’ using procedures of lasers for removing infected tissues, the fascinating luminosity power of the diode laser is specially designed to extract periodontal contamination and hence, does not harm the incisors or other healthier tissues. This is one of the amazing properties of lasers!

Besides, the specialist regulates the laser to furnish just the optimum quantum of power to treat the gums without creating undue pain or suffering to the tissue.
Upon request, a new form of needle-free anesthesia – Oraqix can be employed to make the gums numb. However, most of the guests do not require anesthesia and in fact report a warm, comforting sensation while undergoing laser therapy.
After every treatment, the specialist will effect a soothing balm of vitamin E over the gums to cool the cured regions to encourage healing.

Is periodontal laser therapy expensive?

At the Dental Design Studio, as in every case, the treatment is designed to avert more elaborate care and cost. Since the laser actually removes the contamination, the chances of paying for periodontal surgery is greatly minimized and hence, the cost is significantly negligible compared to other alternatives.

The cost of laser therapy counts on the number of sessions one is required to undergo to completely eradicate the contamination in the mouth. When the specialist designs the treatment, the number of sessions will be estimated. Luckily, there are a number of payment choices and the Patient Care Coordinators are experts in making the care within the means.

Why is periodontal therapy done by a specialist and not merely by dentist?

First of all, it is believed that specialists’ services are critically underutilized in odontology. Specialists receive training in curing periodontal disease as part of their learning but unluckily, conventional dental practices do not use the specialists’ full range of knowledge.

At the Dental Design Studio, the specialists have received exclusive training in periodontal laser cure by a most well-respected specialist and trainer in North America through the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies on the methods and advantages of periodontal laser cure.

Why have I never heard about periodontal laser therapy before?

Since the trainer is so dedicated to keeping abreast of the most recent advancements in modern odontology, the treatments can be offered that many other dental practices have not yet been discovered. Currently, the Dental Design Studio is one of the few practices in New Mexico with the training and credentials to offer this advancement.

However, owing to the efficiency and comfort of periodontal laser cure, it is believed that shortly this will be the standard cure for everyone with gum disease.

Are there potential benefits to using lasers in periodontal therapy?

Constrained study suggests that the lasers’ application as an accessory to scaling and root skimming may enhance the effectiveness of this method. SRS is a non-surgical cure applied to cure periodontal ailments. Besides, when the lasers are applied properly during periodontal cure, bleeding, swelling and discomfort to the patient during surgery can be less.


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