Symptoms of Gum Disease in Adults and Children

Periodontitis is a menace where many people are merely unaware of its presence. Hence, it is often classified as a devious ailment. Though we can clarify certain signs, which will indicate the presence of gum disease, there are possibilities to still have this ailment even if you are unaware of the same. However, it you see gum recession different from slim, delicate tissues, you must then have your gums analyzed by a periodontist for the existence of periodontitis. The symptoms of gum disease are

Gum Recession with Spaces between the Incisors that did not exist earlier.
If you observe to be having recession, the reason may be not from the absence of bulky tissue, but relatively from periodontitis. In case of the recession being on the front side only of a tooth (lip side), it could be due to the deficiency of thick tissue or periodontitis. If you observe having a gap between two or more incisors that did not exist earlier, that is the sign indicating the gum disease to be present.

Another factor is if you notice a gap between the incisors that did not exist earlier, the gums could have retreated or the incisors might have shifted apart (migrating). If two adjoining incisors which previously touched each other, and currently no longer touch like they did before, the causal of gum recession or the gap is connected to this migration or incisors separation.

Bleeding Gums

When you bleed while brushing your teeth, you positively possess gum disease though bleeding does not exist at the start of recession. Patients having gum recession are probable to shun brushing where the gums meet the incisors thinking mistakenly that shields the gums. Since most people never brush where the gums come in contact the incisors, they may not have any proof of gums to be bleeding, even though gum disease prevails. Hence, the nonexistence of bleeding gums does not signify absence of gum disease, while the existence of bleeding always signifies presence of gum disease.

Bad Breath

Awful breathing can be an indication or it can exist if gum disease is absent. Awful breathing can be formed by certain foodstuffs, improper cleaning of the incisors. Even with zero gum disease, the accumulation of microbes on the tongue can arise or even from stomach disorders. However, if awful breathing does not vanish even after proper brushing and flossing, including brushing the tongue, you must apprehend that there could be severe gum ailment with the pus and bleeding emanating are causal to the bad breath problem.

Red Gums

The normal color of the gum is coral pink. If your gums are colored red, you should be suspicious of the presence of gum disease. Reddish gums may not bleed every time. However, if you have shiny red gums, and even despite not bleeding while brushing them, you should see a periodontist. Mouth breathing can add to the showing up of red gums besides gum infection.

Loose Teeth

If you are conscious of looseness of some incisors, it is a very clear indication of advanced gum disease to be present. When you are aware of dental looseness that is normally a very bad sign, since patients do not distinguish looseness until the incisors are very slack and sometimes hopeless.


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