Teaching Children the Importance of Good Dental Hygiene

Teaching Children the Importance of Good Dental Hygiene

Teaching children the importance of good dental hygiene should be a top priority for any parent. Children who develop positive brushing and flossing habits while young will have less trouble with dental health later in life. By teaching them positive practices early on, you will be setting the stage for them to continue these practices into adulthood. Of course, the best way to teach is to lead by example, so it will help parents to practice good dental hygiene themselves. Children will learn by watching their parents brush and floss, so be certain to allow your child to observe you doing so on a regular basis.

Teaching children

It is important for children to brush for at least two minutes in order to remove food particles from their mouths and to reduce plaque. This two-minute goal can be turned into a game of sorts in order to keep the interest of the child. It may help to use an egg timer or hourglass that the child can set.

Delicious Toothpastes

This way, they will know when they have reached the two minute time mark. Another great way to excite children about brushing is to purchase tasty toothpastes. Allow your child to experiment with different flavors in order to find out which ones they like best. Some adult flavors may be too strong for children and there are a variety of brands that make flavors that will especially appeal to young children. As children grow older, they can switch to adult toothpastes.

Another way to stress the importance of good dental hygiene is to observe your child as they brush. Take note of the amount of time they spend and watch them closely so that you can observe where they spend the most time in their mouth. Instruct him or her to spend a certain amount of time on each tooth or area of the mouth. Help them to hold the brush properly, so that they are able to remove the food particles that become lodged beneath the gums. There are a variety of different style brushes on the market and you can allow your child to select the brush that appeals the most to them.

Teaching Your Child Simple Hygiene Rules

Following these simple steps will help your child to understand the importance of good dental hygiene. Purchasing tasty toothpastes will help your child to become excited about brushing. As children learn best by observation, brush often and enthusiastically so that your children will be eager to follow your good example.


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