The Average Cost of Braces

The Average Cost of Braces

The average cost of braces has been steadily rising over the past decade and longer. There are many reasons for the rise in cost including the rising demand for these services, the advancing technology in the orthodontic field and the fact that some insurance companies are beginning to offer partial or full coverage for orthodontic services.

Another thing that will greatly effect the cost of braces is what type is used. There are traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and the latest advancements in invisaline braces. Finally, the amount of work which will be required on an individual patient will also have an impact on the final cost of getting braces. People with minor cosmetic issues can often pay thousands of dollars less than those with extreme orthodontic issues.

Increased Use of Braces

The number of people who get braces has gone up dramatically since this field of dentistry began to expand in the mid century. At first, only very wealthy people got their children braces and then only if there was a serious need. As the number of people seeking care grew, the costs were initially driven down.

The costs also dropped because the number of orthodontists was rising and the tools required to perform the orthodontic procedures also came down in price. By the 1980′s and 90′s getting braces was a virtual right of passage for the majority of middle and upper class children. During this time, however, the technology used in advanced orthodontics also grew fast which helped drive up the costs.

Advances in Technology with Braces

Braces went from being a simple set of wires attached to the teeth to help align them to a very precise use of the wires, rubber bands and other equipment to help ensure the perfect smile. Orthodontists also began the use of ceramic braces which can be less visible and work just as well but they do cost more than traditional ones. After ceramic braces came about, the invention of ‘Invisalign‘ braces happened which allows people to get braces which are virtually invisible.

This opened the doors for many adults to begin seeking orthodontic since they were previously embarrassed at the thought of having normal metal braces as an adult.

The Average Cost of Braces May Vary

The cost of braces goes up and down quite a bit depending on where in the country you live. In some places braces can cost as little as $2500 and in other places it goes up to nearly $6000. Some of this is due to cost of living rates in different areas and some of it is caused by the number of available orthodontists in an area. In many ways it comes down to supply and demand. In areas where there are only a few orthodontists for a large community it is easy to see how they can charge a premium for their services.

The Average Cost of Braces

Choosing Ceramic braces has some advantages, including the fact that the coloring is much closer to the color of your teeth so they are not nearly as obvious. The actor Tom Cruise had Ceramic braces recently and apparently choose them because of the fact that they were not very noticeable. Ceramic braces are somewhat more expensive than traditional metal braces but most people feel they look much nicer so it’s often worth the increased price. This is especially true of adults who choose to get braces.

One more step up in price and conceal ability are the invisalign braces. These braces are virtually invisable and work great, but typically are only chosen for people with relatively minor orthodontic issues. Invisalign braces don’t work the same way as traditional and ceramic braces which attach to each tooth and pull the teeth in the right direction. Invisalign braces fit almost like a mouth guard but more fitted to each tooth.

Ceramic Braces

The braces will be in a position which is slightly off from where your teeth currently are and closer to where they should be. This will slowly move your teeth into the desired position. Invisalign braces are often quite a bit more expensive than traditional or ceramic braces.

As with virtually any industry, the orthodontic field is constantly making improvements and advancements in their technology which will sometimes drive the price up and other times drive it down. In recent years many dental insurances began offering limited or even full orthodontic coverage as an option for a premium price. This has helped expand the number of people who get braces. This should, in the long run, help drive the prices lower as there is a bigger market place.

Every little change in this field can have quite an effect on the price of braces but fortunately each change is also going to be an improvement to the results of the procedures. As more and more people choose to become orthodontists as a career, there will continue to be improvements to their processes. There is no way to know what tomorrow holds for orthodontic treatments.

Whatever your reason for getting braces it is important to remember it is a significant investment and should be treated as such. If you don’t go to your regularly scheduled appointments it will take much longer to complete the process and may even be less effective. It is important to also follow the orthodontists instructions for keeping your teeth and braces clean or when it’s time for them to come off you may have some ugly stains on your teeth. For most people, after the braces come off you’ll need to wear a retainer at least at night for quite a long time.

Follow the Instructions

If you don’t wear the retainer your teeth could move back to their original positions and your entire orthodontic investment would be a waste. If you work hard and follow the instructions of your orthodontists you’ll have the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

If you are pondering over the average cost of braces then you will be slightly disappointed as it might burn a hole in your pocket. But considering the efficiency of the treatment in regaining your charming and beautiful smile, the treatment is worth. Depending upon the type of braces, the cost of treatment will vary. Since this is an important financial investment hence it becomes important to shop around and research before you take any decision. Talking and seeking your orthodontist’s suggestion would always help in this regards.

Average Cost of Metal Braces

Metal braces are one of the most common kinds of braces and people usually prefer wearing these. In fact, a positive feature about these kinds of braces is that these can be customized as per your requirements and you can get different color types for the same. The average cost of braces can range from $4,000 – $8,000 depending on the condition of your teeth and your geographic location. In fact, most of the people prefer spending in the $5000 range while going for this treatment.

iBraces are a recent addition to the category of braces and since they deploy the best technology in reshaping your teeth, these tend to be quite expensive. In fact, you might have to pay 30-50% more than the normal braces. But for those who wish to get quick and better results, iBraces are a way to go. The average cost of braces can range from $7000 to %10,000 which will in turn depend upon the condition of your teeth and whether certain adjustments need to be done prior to the treatment.

So how much should you expect the average cost of braces to be?

Normally the braces fall in the range of $4,000-$8,000. However, before jumping on any such treatment, it is always better to shop around and know about different payment options which dentists offer so that they do not burn a hole in the patient’s pocket. In fact, you can also avail discounts on braces and this can be up to 10%. On the other hand, you also opt for installment payment so that you can make the payment as per your experience.

Orthodontic insurance is yet another feasible alternative for most of the people and thus can help in getting the treatment done without having to worry about the price. Thus, the average cost of braces can vary depending upon all such factors.


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