The Many Types of Toothaches

The Many Types of Toothaches

The Many Types of Toothaches. Toothache is the general term for discomfort associated with teeth. Scientifically known as odontalgia, it refers to an aching pain around or in the tooth or jaw. There are many reasons for toothache; here we discuss briefly on the possible causes.

Toothaches usually indicate problems with the tooth or jaw. One of main causes of toothache is the presence of cavities. A cavity is a hole formed in the tooth, often caused by tooth decay. Since the cavity can get bigger and deeper over time, it is best to get it filled by a dentist. The aching is an indication that the cavity has reached all the way down to the nerve endings.

Various diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis (both gum diseases) and jaw diseases can be the cause of toothache. The rise of wisdom teeth can also be quite a pain. This varies according to the individual, some even opt for surgery to remove their wisdom teeth rather than stand the pain!

A cracked tooth leading to infected dental pulp may be the culprit. These need immediate attention, as they may lead to something more serious, such as gum inflammation. Toothaches can be a symptom of something graver; it could be a symptom of heart diseases. In cases of patients with angina, toothaches are often known as referred pain, where the pain is felt at a distance from the site where the disease is targeted.

Sometimes, the removal of a tooth or several teeth can cause toothache. A phenomenon known as dry socket can develop, leading to a certain amount of discomfort.


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