The Mistakes We Think Are True About Our Teeth

The Mistakes We Think Are True About Our Teeth

Let’s talk about the basic issues we need to pay attention to in order to make our oral and dental health smoother, and the mistakes that are thought to be true that may cause negative effects on dental treatment.



Is it wrong to extract the infected tooth?

When the suffix -itis comes to organ names, it refers to the inflammation of that organ. If necessary conditions such as gaster – gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), sinusitis (sinus inflammation), pulpitis (dental inflammation) occur, in inflammatory cases, teeth are also intervened as in other organs. In fact, it is often necessary because recovery will accelerate. Antibiotics help cure at this point. Physical intervention and drainage is essential. Often, long-term use of antibiotics is attempted to achieve results, which leads to an unnecessary prolongation of the painful period and the duration of treatment.

Our Mistake While Using Medication

It is recommended to swallow the pills with plenty of water. However, trying to swallow even large tablets without water is a mistake that can cause serious complications. Especially if painkillers stick to the esophagus or stomach wall, they can cause complications that can lead to perforation. It burns the place it touches like an acid. Therefore, it should definitely be swallowed with plenty of water.

Each individual’s body may differ in terms of indications. For this reason, our friends saying “I used this drug, this is very good” does not mean that that drug is the best drug. It only had a positive effect on his body. This does not mean that it will do you any good.

The mouthwashes recommended for our oral health are often used very wrongly. Gargles are generally used for the throat. However, when it is desired to benefit from the inside of the mouth and gums, it should be applied to the gums and surrounding tissues with the help of our tongue, not to the throat, it should be applied by pressing and kept in these areas.

Known Mistakes about DeciduousTeeth

The most important mistake is not caring enough because they are temporary teeth. Deciduous teeth can stay in the mouth until the age of 13. Even if they do not cause pain when they bruise, they should be treated. If left untreated, it causes serious problems such as jaw inflammation, sinusitis, discoloration in the underlying permanent teeth, mineral loss, decay formation, crooked teeth and systemic infection.

Do Not Wet Toothbrush And Toothpaste Before Use

Apply the paste on the dry brush. Your toothpaste is produced in a specific concentration to provide an effective cleaning. On a wet brush, this concentration decreases and does not clean adequately. The paste becomes thick with saliva during brushing. Too much mouthwash should not be done after the brushing process is finished. After excessive mouthwash, you will clean all the substances we want to be effective again.

Not Brushing the areas with bleeding Gums.

Bleeding or swelling in the gums is a sign of illness and requires our visit to a dentist. However, patients generally avoid brushing this area. However, circulation slowed down in the bleeding area. In addition, blood pressure has also decreased. Bleeding during brushing provides resistance and has a positive effect. Even if there is bleeding, it is necessary to brush.

Flored Paste? Floral Paste? – Plant Extract Paste? An Electronic Brush?

We protect our oral and dental health with chemical and physical methods. Together with chemical agents such as paste and mouthwash, we use products such as brushes and ropes to benefit from their physical effects. However, mechanical cleaning is much more beneficial for oral health than chemical agents. Next to the brush, putty is an auxiliary material. For this reason, it is important to use the brush correctly rather than the type and brand of the paste. The purpose of brushing is to touch the brush from everywhere. For this reason, the brush is there wherever you drive. We are the ones who will touch the electronic brush everywhere. The brush should pass through all surfaces of the tooth. The gums and tongue should also be brushed properly.


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