Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a full set of false teeth for replacing all the natural missing teeth in your upper and lower jaws. They are usually made of impact resistant plastic or acrylic resin. The base of the denture is contoured to look like your gums, and you can be rest assured that the teeth of the dentures look very natural with modern dentures. Complete dentures are a great way to restore functionality and the appearance of your smile after the loss of teeth through decay or accident.

Having a full set of teeth is important for many aspects of your life as well as your oral health. Teeth are not only important for eating and speech, but they also provide essential support for your lips, cheeks and face. Having functioning teeth through dentures can restore your confidence, your looks and your health.

Denture Implants

Denture implants are an increasingly popular option for replacing missing teeth rather than conventional bridges or partial dentures. Titanium implants are inserted directly into the jawbone similar to the roots of natural teeth and the denture is then securely fixed to the implants, so you won’t even know you have any false teeth at all.

Dental implants or fixed provisional over dentures can often be carried out painlessly under local anaesthetic by a qualified dental surgeon. This means you are awake throughout the treatment, but the part of your mouth being worked on is completely numb.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth at the time of extraction and may require supplementary adjustments after the healing process has completed. It can take around three months for your bone and tissue to stabilize after tooth extractions.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures adapt around the shape of the teeth and gums upon insertion and removal and can be used when it is difficult or impossible to insert a plastic or light alloy denture.

Partial Dentures or Bridges

Partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. They can be made entirely from plastic, or from a mixture of plastic and light alloy metal. Metal alloy partial dentures are usually made from an alloy of chromium cobalt and are generally much stronger than the plastic equivalents. They are also more comfortable to wear and cause less damage to the gums surrounding the teeth that they are attached to, which can occasionally happen with plastic partial dentures. The metal base of the partial denture is used to hold the gum coloured plastic base, so they look very natural and discreet. They are attached to your remaining natural teeth with metal clasps or flexible tooth coloured clasps.


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