What are Fissure Sealers? Benefits and Harms

What are Fissure Sealers? Benefits and Harms

Fissure Sealers are the process of covering the teeth with a substance used for protective purposes in dental treatment for children. Let’s take a closer look at this process and explain what it does. This process is the filling of the recesses and protrusions on the surfaces of the children’s molars, namely the chewing teeth, with a thin and fluid substance. It is a preventive treatment method for teeth to be cleaned more easily. The pieces of food that are usually stuck in the recesses and protrusions of the teeth, that is, the crushing teeth, accelerate the decay of the teeth in a later period of time.

Fissure Sealers

When should Fissure Sealers be applied?

Every parent is concerned about the health of their child, and wants to take precautions at an early stage. This preventive treatment method is the best time to apply in the period when the first permanent molars appear in children’s mouths. This is around 3 to 6 years old. It can be applied to newly erupted teeth with the eruption of other molars.

Fissure Sealers

After application, it acts as a protective shield against acids and plaque that may occur in sensitive areas on the chewing surface of the tooth. It does not require anesthesia during the application. While applying, the teeth are cleaned and then the surface of the teeth is covered with a plastic-silicone-like substance called sealant. It is applied once for 1 tooth and checked. It can be applied within 3 minutes for approximately 1 tooth.

Post-application Use

With this protective layer on your child’s teeth, you will prevent cavities for a long time. You can use it for about 5 years. Its effect continues until the tooth decays and falls out.
After it is applied, you should see your doctor for a regular check-up.
Brushing or using mouthwash will not do any harm to this substance. Therefore, you can easily continue to use dental and oral care products.

Is there any harm?

As far as is known, there is no harm. We can say that the applied substance does not contain any harmful chemical substances.

But before or after you do this practice, routinely to your child.
● brushing teeth,
● flossing,
● using mouthwash,

You can eliminate the fear of the dentist with these three golden rules by teaching them to be careful about .

We wish you healthy days.


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