What Are Flippers For Teeth?

Dental flippers are dentures to replace missing teeth. What are flippers for teeth made from? These inexpensive partial dentures are made from acrylic which is a form of plastic. The acrylic is typically tinted to match the color of the gums.

Some flippers are completely opaque plastic of a solid color to match the gums. Flippers for teeth may be partially transparent with some coloring to match the gums which allows the flipper to be less obvious when worn.

When someone loses a tooth from a fall, tooth decay, sports injury, car accident, or any other cause, the missing tooth causes a gap. If their missing teeth are in the front of the mouth, people may be self-conscious about their smiles.

In addition to affecting the individual’s self-esteem, a missing tooth can cause problems with the person’s bite. The remaining teeth can shift and cause them to become misaligned. This can cause abnormal wear on the teeth which can increase the risk of tooth decay.

The flipper for teeth solves both problems by replacing the missing tooth or teeth. A dental flipper makes the missing tooth much less noticeable. In many cases, no one can tell that the person wearing a flipper is actually missing a tooth.

A dental flipper also prevents potential problems with the patient’s bite by preserving the space. This forces the teeth to remain in alignment even though a tooth is missing. If a person who planned on getting braces looses a tooth, the orthodontist may include a flipper in the braces to make the gap less noticeable.

Some people use a dental flipper for teeth for years without any problems. They may eat comfortably and have no difficulty speaking with the flipper in place. If the flipper fits securely, people may use the flipper as they would their natural teeth and only remove it at night and for cleaning.

Many people who use dental flippers find it easier to remove the flipper to eat. The person may want to visit the dentist to get the flipper adjusted if the flipper feels loose or uncomfortable. A properly fitted flipper should not interfere with the patient’s speech and should be comfortable when worn.

Dentists consider flippers for tooth replacement to be a temporary solution. Though some people use the same flipper for years, it is generally accepted that the flipper is used until a permanent tooth replacement method can be purchased such as a dental bridge or implant.

For some patients like adolescents who are missing teeth, a dental flipper for teeth may be the best option for tooth replacement. Patients who need a solution for a missing tooth should discuss a flipper for tooth replacement and the other options with the dentist.


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