What Are The Factors Causing Tooth Decay?

What Are The Factors Causing Tooth Decay?

The first symptoms of tooth decay start from the small pits on the chewing surface and the facing surfaces of the teeth. If action is not taken to alleviate the symptoms, the decay will continue to progress gradually towards the dental nerve. Tooth decay is mostly caused by the accumulation of food residues on these surfaces and microbes in the mouth.

tooth decay

Factors causing tooth decay; carbohydrates, sugars, microbes in the mouth, their enzymes and the anatomical condition of the tooth surface. The first thing to do to prevent the formation of caries is to brush regularly and clean between teeth with dental floss.

In young children, it would be appropriate to protect them by covering them with special protectors called Fissure Sealants in order to prevent caries that may occur on the chewing surface of the molars.

If the bruises can be detected early, they can be removed with a small filling. However, if the caries has advanced and reached the dental nerve, then the root canal treatment will be required. In some cases, neglected caries may cause inflammation around the root of the tooth, which will cause prolongation of treatment. It may even cause the occurrence of situations such as tooth loss.

Having regular dental check-ups of six months is very important in terms of noticing the decay at the first stage. These checks should be made into a habit.

How is tooth decay fed?

Caries always starts from the surface of the tooth and progresses to the dentin layer. Dentin contains more organic matter than tooth enamel. For this reason, caries can spread more quickly in this layer. It pierces the dentin like an auger. However, the progression rate of the caries may differ from person to person.
An important point is that dentine is a defense organ of the tooth. There are construction and repair cells called odontoblasts at the ends of the canals in the dentin. These can occlude carious dentin with repair tissue. Just like defending a besieged fortress. However, this spontaneous defense can sometimes be incapable of rapidly advancing rotten and insufficient precautions.

What should we do to avoid decay?

The most basic method of preventing caries is to go to the dentist regularly and follow his recommendations. In fact, prevention from caries is a matter of personal will, and we should all be aware of the comfort that healthy teeth and a healthy mouth can bring.


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