What is A Fair Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in The US?

Laser teeth whitening costLaser teeth whitening is a very popular technique in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry, which has spurned a lot of queries about the average laser teeth whitening cost. This technique involves a type of dental bleaching process that makes your teeth whiter after a single session due to the use of a laser light device. There are various types of dental bleaching procedures in the industry but the laser teeth whitening procedure is considered to be one of the most effective methods in its price range. To further understand the advantages and benefits of this type of whitening method, it is critical to learn about the basics of teeth discoloration and stains. In the society, it is highly noticeable that adults have yellow, stained or discolored teeth, compared to young children. This is actually the reality because all individuals originally have healthy, pearly white teeth at a young age. As an individual matures, his teeth are subjected to all kinds of chemicals and substances that can cause stains and discoloration. Some of these chemicals include tobacco and dark pigments and substances that can be found in certain drinks and food items. Therefore, if you are highly fond of drinking coffee and tea, or if you are a big fan of dark foods, then you will eventually develop yellow and discolored teeth. There are different types of dental whitening methods in the industry, such as bleaching pens, gels, and strips. However, most of these products are not able to effectively whiten the teeth because they cannot reach through the inner layers of the teeth. Some of the stains can already reach through the inner dentin layers, which can be quite difficult to remove. This is where laser teeth whitening comes in because it has the ability to penetrate through the inner layers of the teeth.

Laser teeth whitening involves the use of oxidizing agents such as carbamide peroxide. This substance can penetrate into the outer enamel layer of the teeth and oxidize the stains embedded within the deeper layers. As a result, the inner dentin layer of the teeth is also bleached, which explains the effective whitening process of the procedure. Laser teeth whitening is performed by a dentist, which begins with the application of the oxidizing agent. This agent is left on the teeth for several minutes to allow the substance to do its oxidizing power and remove the stains on the teeth. After several minutes, the dentist then uses a laser light, which speeds up the process of whitening and bleaching. The light has been known to activate the oxidizing agents, which results in a more powerful whitening action.

Factors that Affect Laser Teeth Whitening Cost

Because of the rising popularity of this dental bleaching procedure, a lot of questions have been raised about the laser teeth whitening cost. The average laser teeth whitening cost actually varies with different dental locations, which has raised further questions about the breakdown of the total amount. To understand the details of the amount, it is also very important to learn about the various factors and aspects that are included in the breakdown of the laser teeth whitening cost. One of the primary factors that affect the laser teeth whitening cost is the current condition and degree of discoloration of the teeth. For example, if an individual has highly stained teeth, then he would need to undergo several sessions to make his teeth whiter. Without a doubt, this would result to a higher laser teeth whitening cost. But if an individual only has a slight yellow discoloration problem, then this would also translate to fewer sessions and a cheaper laser teeth whitening cost.

Another factor that has a great impact on the total amount of laser teeth whitening is the degree of whitening that a patient wants to achieve. If a patient wants to achieve pearly white teeth, then he should be prepared to shell out a lot of money. But if a patient just wants to remove the stains and yellow discoloration on the surfaces of the teeth, then this may result to a lower laser teeth whitening cost.

The location of the dental clinic also plays a big factor in the final laser teeth whitening cost. Different states have varying whitening costs, and dentists also have different professional fees. Some of the big names in the dental industry may charge exorbitant fees, while others may offer more affordable professional fees. Dentists also charge varying fees because of the type of oxidizing agents and laser light devices that are used for the treatment.

So What is A Fair Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in the United States?

To get the fair laser teeth whitening cost, then a patient should consider the above-mentioned factors. The cheapest dental clinics may offer 400 dollars per session for lighter teeth discoloration problems. On the other hand, you will also encounter dental clinics that offer laser teeth whitening procedures for 1000 dollars and up. The most reliable and effective laser teeth whitening procedures play between the range of 500 dollars and 1000 dollars, depending on the current condition of your teeth, as well as the materials used for the procedure. If you consider the efficiency and reliability of the materials to be used, then paying for a high amount of money is certainly worth it. It is not sensible to simply choose the lowest laser teeth whitening cost that you can find because this may not automatically translate to high quality. Thus, it is truly a must to ask about the breakdown of the laser teeth whitening cost to properly assess whether it is worth the money and effort.


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