What Is the Average Cost of Braces?

What Is the Average Cost of Braces?


Trying to determine what braces will cost you can be a midfield. The best place to start is to analyze the normal fees and charges involved and the average cost of each item component. This page discusses the normal costs associated with the most common teeth straightening process, getting braces.

What Is the Average Cost of Braces?

The typical amount you can expect to pay for standard braces ranges between $4,500 and $10,000. This price range is usual for adults with the cost for children being much lower at around $2,800 to $3,500. Of course the overall cost can vary significantly from the average, depending on a variety of factors. The final amount can end up being more or less than the average, depending on which aspects affect the total quote. There are numerous braces estimators online and also by visiting clinics, which will give you a figure closer to your individual situation and provide more certain amounts as opposed to just looking at the average.

What Does the Average Cost of Braces Include?

When you first consider getting your teeth straightened with braces, the first step is to consult a dentist or orthodontist. Your introductory meeting with them is called the initial consultation and is usually free and without obligation. However, some doctors may charge a small fee for this service. At the meeting, you will be taken through the steps involved in obtaining braces, however a final quote may not be provided until you receive a diagnosis.

Diagnostic records involve further fees. This includes obtaining photographs, x-rays and models or impressions of your teeth and side of the head. The prices involved in obtaining these records can be charged separately or if you proceed with treatment then these costs may be bundled in with the total figure. However, if you choose not to get treatment with the doctor, then consultation and diagnostic fees will not be included in the total quote and you will need to pay these to the dentist.

Once the dentist has evaluated your malocclusion problems and you have decided to get braces treatment with that dentist, then the average cost should include getting the braces made and bonding or gluing them to your teeth. The normal cost should also include adjustment visits, approximately every two to three weeks and regular progress x-rays. Most orthodontists also include the retainer period in their quote. However, this aspect can be charged separately.

What Adds to the Average Cost of Braces?

There are numerous factors which can increase the ordinary prices associated with braces treatment:


The region or area where you receive treatment is a vital factor to the price components. For example prices for braces can be cheaper in locations such as Austin TX, King City OR and Phoenix AZ. You can expect to pay a moderate or medium amount for the cost of braces in Australia, Richmond VA, Walnut Creek CA and Seattle WA. More expensive cities and countries include New York NY, Philadelphia, Germany, Florida FL, San Francisco Ca and Singapore. If you are in the suburbs as opposed to a metropolitan or urban area, the prices reduce by about $200, which may not be a significant amount to consider travelling for treatment. However, in rural areas the cost of braces drops considerably by around $400 to $600.

Type of doctor

Additional training and experience in dentistry does add to the regular cost depending on which provider you choose. Orthodontists charge approximately $600 more than ordinary dentists since they have undergone additional years of training in this field. However, some types of orthodontic treatments are not available from dentists and must be sought from a qualified orthodontist.

Types of braces

As with other medical or dental products and services, there are levels of quality available and the cost varies depending on which options you choose. For example, metal braces are the cheapest and whilst they do provide proper orthodontic treatment, they are not very popular with adults due to their unpleasant appearance. The average costs increase with ceramic braces and also clear braces such as Damon braces and continue to rise with invisible races such as Invisalign and lingual braces. Selecting a higher quality or better brand of braces will ultimately add to the average cost.

Optional features

There are various options which you may choose with braces such as colored elastics or colored brackets which either stand out or match the color of your teeth. Even having braces with images or lettering is an added option. These features once again increase average prices of braces.

Teeth problems

If you have cavities or dental conditions such as gingivitis, then you will be required to receive the appropriate dental care before your orthodontist will commence braces treatment. This includes having fillings and also treating any tooth decay or gum disease. The amount you are required to spend repairing these conditions will increase the amount of dental costs you pay and in effect eat into your braces budget.

Degree of malocclusio

 Another factor which can increase the average braces cost is the extent of your teeth deformity. There are different types of malocclusion including class 1 (overcrowded teeth or spacing), class 2 (overbite) and class 3 (underbite). Your individual case may involve treating a combination of these malocclusions. The extent of the crowding or jaw protrusion can vary the cost and time required for treatment considerably. In some instances you may require other procedures such as jaw surgery in order to fully treat the problem. This can add significant professional fees to your overall quote.

Length of treatment

The time you are required to wear braces also affects the average price. This aspect centres on the degree of malocclusion.

What Reduces the Average Cost of Braces?

There are a number of options for reducing the amount you need to pay for braces. Settling the problem early is the best way of keeping costs to a minimum. If you are the parent of a child, since children’s orthodontics are much cheaper than for adults, you may consider having your child treated whilst they are still young. At a young age, their bones are still developing and their teeth are easier to move. Accordingly, this will save your child treatment costs in the future.

If your parents did not afford you the luxury of having braces whilst you were young, you should still consider treating your problem sooner rather than later. This will of course depend on your budget and other lifestyle related considerations. It’s never too late to get braces; people even get braces in their eighties.

As for using alternative means to lower the regular price for braces, inquire about obtaining dental insurance or dental discount cards. Both these options can offer huge savings for orthodontic care. Another possibility for lowering the average cost is by looking into dental schools, which provide professional orthodontic treatment at approximately two thirds of the price. If your problem is only with your upper or lower teeth, then the price of your orthodontic braces will also be less than the average cost.

Average Cost for Different Types of Braces

Metal – $3,500 to $7,000

Ceramic – $4,000 to $7,800

Lingual – $6,000 to $10,000

Damon Braces – $5,000 to $8,000

Invisalign Aligners – $4,600 to $8,900

When determining the price of braces, the ideal place to start is by examining the regular prices which are commonly charged. The average cost of braces is affected by numerous factors which need to be taken into account when looking for specific quotes. Only a qualified dentist or orthodontist can provide you with thorough pricing based on your individual circumstances. Whilst it’s helpful to look at typical prices, the only way to know how much braces will actually cost you is to have a consultation with your doctor.


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