What is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

The process in which a missing tooth is replaced with an artificial one is known as a dental implant. If an individual has lost a tooth or a series of teeth in an accident, because of some dental condition or due to a fight, dental implants can enhance their appearance quite dramatically. There are quite a lot of consequences when an individual has lost a tooth or a series of teeth, most of which become are significant in their social life.

The functionality of the oral cavity can change if an individual is missing a tooth or several teeth. Severe wearing of teeth can also be caused if they begin chewing food in one particular side of their mouth. Malocclusion, a deformity in which the bite does not function properly, is caused when the bite force combines with various other factors.

Overall, dental implants are among the most successful procedures in dentistry. On the other hand recent studies have proven that dental implants placed on the upper jaw have a lesser success rate. The reason behind this is that in comparison with the lower jaw, the upper jaw, especially in the back, is thinner. Thus an implant in the upper jaw can fail if it is not placed in a position that is optimal. In such a condition osseointegration does not take place.

The success rate of a dental implant in the lower jaw on the other hand can go as high as 95%. A dentist gets much more room to work with since the lower jaw is thicker than the upper jaw. To anchor a special screw in the jawbone, an orifice is made there in the dental implant procedure. The crown which takes place off the natural tooth is then held by that screw. To decree the osseointegration time records of the implant, a new technique involves placing the implant in the area where a tooth has been removed recently. Unlike the areas where the implant is left to sit for a long time to heal, since the osseointegration takes place much rapidly so the healing process is also increased.

The true success of a dental implant is experienced once it has been placed in and heals without any complication and people get to confidently be a part of their social life. Apart from enhancing the functionality of the bite, a dental implant can also prove to be aesthetically pleasing. With the cost of dental implants being pretty higher, people are often worried about the procedure of the placement and the success rate of the dental implants.


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