Yellow Teeth and Common Causes

Yellow Teeth and Common Causes

Perhaps one of the main and most common reasons of yellowish or stained teeth is the lack of due attention and care shown towards them by their owner. Dental hygiene is an important science concerned with the prevention of illness and maintenance of teeth and should be applied to daily lives as a regular practice. Inadequate care of teeth may result in a number of problems related to teeth, such as tooth decay, tooth injuries and toothaches.

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It also makes an individual more prone to gum diseases or bad breath. Tooth decay is mainly caused by sugar and plaque. Plaque is the accumulation of debris and bacteria on the teeth. And perhaps the most dreaded part of tooth decay is toothache which results due to formation of tooth cavities.

There are many ways to overcome these hurdles and achieve a healthy smile. Some of them have been highlighted below:
  • Brushing one’s teeth properly, in a right manner and technique ranks highly on this list. While brushing teeth use small circular motion to get rid of sugar and plaque formations. Rinsing one’s mouth regularly after meals also helps prevent the plaque accumulation. Chewing an apple or sugarless gum also helps cleanse the teeth.
  • Flossing is another highly beneficial act that helps remove the plaque formed between teeth and gums. Using toothpastes that contain fluorides is also a healthy practice as it is assimilated into teeth making them stronger and resistant to decay. Moreover, dentists recommend changing one’s toothbrush after every four months.
  • Thanks to the multitude of new and improved technological methods there are many cosmetic agents that help repair a chipped tooth. A re-implantation of a lost tooth can also be made if it is brought to the dentist within an hour or so placed in glass of milk or saliva.


Toothaches are mainly caused by tooth or jaw problems such as dental cavities, a cracked tooth, an exposed tooth root, gum disease, disease of the jaw joint, or spasms of the muscles used for chewing. The pain can be mild or may be a sharp excruciating one depending on the cause. Nevertheless toothaches are hard to ignore as they turn into something hard to endure if not treated properly and in time. A thorough dental examination which includes dental X-rays can help determine the cause.

Sometimes toothaches are indicators of a much more serious problem and a nearing health peril. Though it is not widely known information but pain around the teeth is a common symptom of heart diseases such as angina or heart attacks, ear infections and sinuses.

While toothaches require a proper medical examination by both doctors and dentists there are a few precautionary measures one may take in order to keep away from them. For instance, avoiding very cold and very hot foods can help prevent frequent toothaches. However if they are recurrent and severe then the cause for the trouble needs to be ascertained and attended to in time.

Sores in mouth that do not heal up within two weeks need to be shown to a dentist.

Following the above mentioned measures with dedication can go a long way to maintain your healthy smile for a long time.


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